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xalas xtw: bullying xtw: cyberbullying xjfc they're lucky i can take it xkeeping for posterity
  1. suzuyajuuboo said: lol wtf… you’re really not that kind of person at all. People are a joke, don’t take it on board because it’s all bull. Rofl.
  2. queenasha said: Oh no, i’m so sorry you have to deal with that. People are horrible, you are fantastic *hugs*
  3. khoshekhs said: no why are people being mean to you D: you’re so cool. snaps for you for dealing with it so well
  4. do-you-have-a-flag said: *applauds you*
  5. kingsguardingarchive said: i admire how well you’re dealing with this jane, sorry people are so horrid <3
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