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don’t tag background pairings or past relationships on ao3.

seriously. put it in the author’s notes, not the tags. you have no idea how endlessly frustrating this trend is.

but why shouldn’t i tag them, jane sansaofhousestark?

i’ll tell you why.

sometimes, kids, you have a rarepair, also known as a ship which isn’t made up of two white guys or hell even a white girl and a white guy in some fandoms. and when that happens, inevitably, there is a shortage of good fic about your rarepair.

what makes this shortage a thousand times worse, however, is the way authors use the ao3 tagging system. see, maybe you’re looking for an eponine/cosette fic to pass the time. you go into the “eponine thenardier/cosette fauchelevent” tag, sort by kudos or comments - whatever floats your boat - and you run into a massive fucking wall.

see, arguably, the most popular ship in the les miserables fandom is enjolras/grantaire. hell, i myself ship it. but the thing is, when an author decides to write an enjolras/grantaire fic, they might involve other characters in the background, paired off in various ways - in this example, eponine and cosette are girlfriends! great, you think, that’s exactly what you’re looking for!

except, no. because this is not a fic about eponine and cosette, this is a fic about enjolras and grantaire and their relationship. eponine and cosette are mentioned in brief or shown in a couple of scenes to be together - but the fic is not about them and does not focus on their relationship.

and when you sort through fics on ao3, this kind of fic shows up again and again and again. thousands of fics about the popular slash pairing - inevitably with more kudoses and comments - show up before any fics focusing on the relationship you’re actually interested in. it is unbelievably frustrating, especially if the pairing is your notp. (cough, the sheer amount of sterek that showed up when i searched for allison/scott.)

now, i get the need to mention background pairings. after all, the whole point is that i want to avoid my notps even if they’re only mentioned in brief. this can be solved by mentioning the background pairings or past relationships in the author’s notes, rather than the tags. this way the tag “ginny weasley/harry potter,” for example, don’t get clogged with draco/harry. at the same time, you still warn your readers of other relationships within the series that they may want to avoid.

please note though, if your fic genuinely focuses on other or multiple relationships, you are of course free to utilise the tagging system for mutiple pairings! for example, if you wrote a love actually au of game of thrones with sansa/margaery, loras/renly, davos/stannis, etc, that would obviously be a fic giving equal time to multiple pairings. this is what the multi pairing tagging system is for.

so guys, please use your common sense when tagging your fics. it’s not fun having to wade through literally dozens of fics tagged with your faves to get to a fic which is, y’know, actually about your faves. thanks.

(note: all the examples i’ve listed here are based on my own experiences with ao3, things which have actually happened to me.)

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Okay so, I’ve seen a LOT of people making comments about Australia’s ‘minimum wage’ being at almost $17 an hour all over tumblr, and I’m just going to take a moment to educate you guys on how this works, because this needs to be brought up.

Lets start with what you know:


This here is what you’ve seen thus far, HOWEVER, what the more popular post is missing is THIS:




You see that top one? That is why so many fast food places here are hiring teenagers, ESPECIALLY American run food chains such as Mc Donalds and KFC, and rarely have adults aside from management. This is because the older you get, the more you get paid, and likewise, the less hours you get.


So yes, while the minimum wage for an adult is sure as hell better than, say, the US and whatnot, please keep in mind that my country isn’t some utopia. It is much, much harder for an adult to get a job here because no one wants to pay the full wage. Everyone wants teens because they can pay them $6 an hour.

So don’t romanticise about my damned country like it’s heaven on earth. The minimum wage deal here is better, but it’s not perfect, and anyone whose grown up here will know that for a fact.

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Can You Dig It (Iron Man 3 Main Titles)
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Can You Dig It?

Iron Man 3 Main Titles by Brian Tyler


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There’s this idea that lefties are 'kind' but 'naive' and right-wingers are 'tough' but 'realistic'. It’s rubbish. Look at the Liberal Government as an example - they are definitely tough, but what they’re proposing with this budget? It is naive.

  • It’s naive to think that people doing manual labor jobs can work until they’re 70. Only people with cushy office jobs would think that.
  • It’s naive to think that a $7 GP fee is not a lot for a lot of people. Poor people, generally, are vulnerable to more medical needs (being chronically ill in itself drains you of income!). It’s a matter of choosing whether to eat for the day, not just giving up a beer or two next time you’re out.
  • It’s naive to think that young people can sustain themselves with 6 months of literally no support. Not all kids have financially secure parents willing to house and feed them.
  • It’s naive to think that what’s stopping a lot of people finding a job is simply that current welfare payments are just too cushy. Some people fit a ‘dole bludger bogan’ stereotype, but most don’t.
  • It’s naive to think that climate change will go away, simply cause you defund all the scientists telling you it’s real.

I could go on. Is it naive what the left is proposing?

  • Not when they’re proposing keeping GPs free. It saves money giving people full access. They’re more willing to check that spot/testicle bump/whatever before it becomes a big problem, before they have to take time off work or become a drain on our hospitals and welfare. Research shows this. It isn’t just kind, it’s realistic.
  • Not when they’re saying offshore processing is bonkers expensive and we can save billions processing asylum seekers in more humane, still secure, tried-and-tested-here-for-decades-before-Howard ways. Research shows this. It isn’t just kind, it’s realistic.
  • Not when they’re proposing climate action that takes science seriously, creates a lot of jobs and makes it cheaper in the long run cause a stitch in time. Research shows this. It isn’t just kind, it’s realistic.
  • Not when they’re proposing funding case workers and career access staff instead of chaplains. Young people need real advice  to get a job and solve their issues. Praying these problems go away won’t solve anything. Common sense shows this. It isn’t just kind, it’s realistic.

If all you care about is pure economics, you should still be a lefty. There is definitely naivety by many that call themselves left-wing. But for a lot of  left-wing policies, they are rooted in a more realistic understanding of society, human nature, basic science and research than the alternatives proposed by the right.

If anyone tells you you’re naive being a lefty, please tell them all this from me.

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i’m never going to make one of those “tumblr is so toxic” comments bc um this is a site with millions of users and your experiences largely depends on who you’re following but sometimes when i’m in a bad place tumblr makes me feel worse because i don’t have the energy to divorce myself emotionally from important sj conversations but it drains my energy even further by being upset about things

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hi can people please tag their hp crit and/or hate

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love my grandma but if she keeps waking me up early with her murder mysteries turned up so loud the neighbours can hear i will fucking scream

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A Jewish woman and a Palestinian woman protesting together in 1973, 1992, and 2001.


A Jewish woman and a Palestinian woman protesting together in 1973, 1992, and 2001.

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my decision to begin watching outlander over the break was not at all influenced by my dash tonight

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get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite movies » Chicago

"I’m a star, and the audience loves me… and I love them. And they love me for loving them and I love them for loving me. And we love each other. And that’s because none of us got enough love in our childhood. And that’s showbiz… kid."

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he keeps getting stuck in the couch

this is my dog brian stuck in our couch in case u missed it

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