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Literally I Cant Ew

i will watch this until my eyes bleed

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my problem with clint/coulson isn’t related to the fact that it’s not canon it’s related to the fact that it doesn’t make any fucking sense

there are just so many white dicks to choose from, friends. this is a canon built on white dicks. it is white dick jenga. why on god’s green earth have you chosen these white dicks.  it will baffle dick scientists for centuries

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this is truly the most pretentious post on this website, so all you nerds can stop trying because its been done. 

"pretentious" would be /not/ explaining the joke. like if you have some problems with the wording, whatever, but you’re all being really fucking rude to someone who just wanted to have some fun explaining a joke that a lot of people didn’t get.

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Orange Is the New Black is a story of…

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hi! I’m silas and I make hangable  mixed media and collage fanart! I have an etsy shop and I also take commissions. 

all my pieces are made on ready to hang sturdy wooden canvases like this:



all my pieces are sealed and protected by several coats of glossy varnish. if you’d like a different finish (ex. clear satin) let me know!

the sides and back of the canvases are painted black with a coat of glossy varnish. I’d you’d like the sides and back to be a different color, let me know!


  • 10x10 collages start at $35
  • 8x10 collages start at $30
  • 5x7 & 6x6 collages start at $15
  • 4x6 collages start at $8
  • 12x12 and 11x14 collages start at $45
  • 9x12 collages start at $40
  • 16X20 collages start at $65
  • 16x16 collages start at $55
  • 18x18 collages start at $65
  • 20x20 collages start at $80
  • 24x24 collages start at $100

when you message me let me know what kind of thing you’re looking for (size,colors,shapes,designs, previous works of mine you like)! I’ll keep you updated and ask you questions. I’ll figure out a price based on supply cost, the time I’m going to put into it, how complex of a collage you want, and your price range. 

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Rent » Main characters [5/8] : Mimi Marquez

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#steve’s sass could power a city (via blackwidov)

I love how he simply knocks politely on the door instead of kicking it open and having Sam spray the room with bullets.  

Cap is the best.

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